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Lusty Imitations

Title: Lusty Imitations

By: S. J. More

About: A Jedi confuses his love. Song and Story.

Rating: PG (implied romantic activities)

Genre: Romance

Song: Iris – Goo Goo Dolls


Chapter 1: Iris

I hid behind a pillar in the Jedi temple. No one must ever know about this. 

And I'd give up forever to touch you

I just wish there was a mission or some way I could talk to
you. To
touch you, as you touch me.
 I think
I saw you look at me and smile.

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

We sat together in the briefing room. You accidently touched my hand and flash your
lovely lashes at me as it happened.

You're the cloest to heaven that I'll ever be

These thoughts fill my head, dirty thoughts of what it would
be like to just hold you and never let go.

And I don't wanna go home right now

I know that we could never be together, our love is
forbidden within these walls but I want to stay next to you ever second of
every day.

And all I can taste is this moment

We left together on a mission with several other Jedi but
you volunteered to be my partner, part of my team.

And all I can breathe is your life

I can almost taste you, as you stand next to me. It’s not fair that we can never be. Or can we? You just smiled seductively at me after we landed on shore and to fight
the war.

And sooner or later it's over

We won our battle but lost several Jedi. I hope you as I know your best friend was
among the casualities.

I just don't wanna miss you tonight

As we arrive at the temple, I don’t want to be alone and
hopefully neither do you.

And I don't want the world to see me

We have to be careful as we tread together in step. 

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

Our worlds are colliding and no one is allowed to see the
distance between us.

When everything's made to be broken

We sleep in your room away from the world.

I just want you to know who I am

We hug and kiss and watch the world pass around us.

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming

In the morning, you regret everything and tell me you never
want to see me again. 

Or the moment of truth in your lies

We know where we want to be but we have to follow the rules
around us.

When everything feels like the movies

I walk around in a daze and everything seems uncontrollably

And you bleed just to know you’re alive

I battle with the Masters just to get you out of my head,
one wrong thought and I’m bleeding, wondering if you would care.

And I don’t want the world to see me

I blame it on a misstep but they seem to think it was
something else.

‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

I know they would never understand the love we have. 

When everything's made to be broken

We again, this time you come to me in the night.

I just want you to know who I am

We hug and kiss and hide from the world until morning when
none of this happens.

And I don't want the world to see me

Another day we drift closer and more distant from the Jedi
family we have known most of our lives.

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

They call me in to talk to the council. They can tell when things are astray. I tell them I just need to mediate and
rethink what the force has given me.

When everything's made to be broken

Why can’t it all be simple like our love? Why must we follow the laws and rules or this
ancient culture?

I just want you to know who I am

I tell you we should run away from the order.

I just want you to know who I am

I tell you this every day.

I just want you to know who I am

I’ve told you ever day for at least a year, we can’t hide
our love from them forever.

I just want you to know who I am...

You finally say it’s over and I’m left with the feelings I
thought I always had but they were just lusty imitations of what love could
have been.

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20 random song/stories

20 random songs, 20 random stories….

Features Thomas and Friends….I will try to have a different main character for each.

Directions: I listened to the song once and the wrote my story out for the length of time, the song was playing.

I'll come back and fix the margin/spacing later...I just needed to leave asap.

Chapter 1: Almost Lovers – Tatu (video:

“There are so many things we will do here.” Edward smiled.

“There are many things we could do anywhere,” Gordon huffed.

Edward frowned and looked away, into the rubble. He knew what he wanted to do and rushed off
to grab the workmen and his exciting material ideas.

“Gordon just doesn’t see the creativity in the world, he’s
smoke box is too cluttered with important ideas.” He talked to himself. 

He went to the paint shop and gathered multiple fancy
colors, workmen, and found what other people would consider junk along the

Once he got to the new park, he told the workmen his ideas
and they painted the junk into magnificent works of art. Edward was so pleased with himself, he
couldn’t help but smile as Gordon approached the new park with an express of

“What’s all this junk?” He frowned.

Edward looked at his work of art and smiled. “If you can’t appreciate art, then you’re
just a giant blue stick in the mud. It’s
lovely.” Edward said.

Gordon’s frown deepened but he said nothing. 

The passengers went into the park and gasped, whispered
excitedly, and marveled at the work of art in their new park.

Gordon looked flabbergasted, they liked this junk? 

Sir Topham Hatt stood on the platform and smiled
proudly. He approached Edward and
congratulated him on doing such a good job with the park. 

My next song will be Remedy by Little Boots.

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A Means to End

A MEANS TO END - A tragic end for all your classmates and teacher that you so have come to love!!!

I know now, that there was nothing I could do, as her lifeless body slid to the floor. Blood pouring out her nose and mouth, the sight was too much for me to bear and I looked away. Only moments ago, they were my peers, now however they were becoming bloody corpses. The floor was a staining color, it would never be clean again, it was all red and sticky with blood. I looked at anything besides the people in charge. Guns waving in the air; they showed the dead and live students who the boss was. Our teacher lay unconscious on the floor, or so I thought. Was it possible that he was playing dead like me? Yes, I had been shot, but I could still feel my body breathing. I wish I didn't come to class today, who knew it might be my last. A shot fired and I shiver, another friend, gone from our world that I once thought was safe but now my walls are crumbling around me. 

One year later...

Standing up and looking at the big concrete science and math building, I can only think of the horror that went on in my freshman
year. I feel lonely, like nothing will ever bring me back to life. I slowly limp to the spot in which I always feel tears come to my eyes here. Everyone that was in my class left my side. They truly went on to a peaceful existence. A few days ago, our teacher or rather my teacher died; a crush from the class. His family knew he was never going to recover, so they pulled the plug. After he departed I went to see him, telling him everything that I felt inside, knowing that I was truly the only survivor left. A tear slipped out of my right eye and landed on the pavement in front of me.

Four years later...

Standing up on my good legs, I smile, class of 2012, Ifinally made it in becoming a teacher. The previous year I cried for those wonderful students from math class that weren't graduating, and others were. But now that I'm finally graduating, I find it's time to move on. Move on with my life, leave the tears and the dead behind but keep them inside my heart. Be strong, teach the class and be everything that they could have been. Be the potential, energetic,constructive teachers that they would have been. Also a year ago, they discovered why those confused students killed everyone. It was because of curriculum, having been Science majors they felt that the university was already over the limit for teachers. In deciding they shattered my life in the process of stating what needed not to be stated.

Seven years later...

Standing up in front of the class, I can't help but be marvel at the sight of their smiling faces. Even on the anniversary of that horrible day nothing can bring me down. My 3rd grade elementary class can and will brighten anyone's day. They know nothing but friendships, learning, books, and homework. Nothing of what happened on that frightful day and why should they? They should be free for these years, until they can fully understand the world and how horrible the days can be. But for now, let's let them consider their homework as the evil and the world as something to live free in.

Ten years later...

I lay in the hospital bed, finally now, I will be able to see my old classmates again and my family that has past before me. But now I'm leaving behind two beautiful daughters and one son. My husband kisses my hand and nods in understanding, taking care of them in every way. I'm dying today. I know because an infection has spread through my legs. The doctor said it would have never been detected, had I not noticed a week ago. A blessing from my old friends, the angels in my dreams. I will be able to pass away in less pain than they but the pain I have felt over the years has to be some kind of conception.

Thirteen years later...

Come and find me, for I have been waiting in heaven...most of my family is still there on earth...memories fleeting in my mind, until we’ve all become one with all those who art in heaven. Staying for the remainder of eternity until the humans die out and need to be reborn once again!

 The End...

 A Means to End

By S.J. More


This story could exist for someone. It doesn’t for me. I would never wish this on anyone. It was just a what-if story and something
that I written in my freshmen year that I wanted to share. 

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Who Am I?

I wrote this a long time ago back when in my teenage years.....somewhere in high school which would be in the 2003-2007 period.

Title: Who Am I?
By: S.J. More

Who Am I?  I'm lost.  I've lost my mind.  There's no one beside me.  Who Am I? 
I hide behind no expression, which use to be full time smile mode but that's
gone.  It's gone and I'm gone.  We're not coming back.  I can't change myself. 
The sadness takes over my day.  There's no one home in my head.  Who Am I? 
To cry?  Why not just die?  I'm a loser in my own sorrow, those things will not
change.  My fantasies are real in my mind, and I'm never truly alone.  My heart
loves no one, it's left alone.  My feelings no longer matter as my mind is being
controlled by someone new.  I can not change a thing!  My mind will not let me
think/speak/act like I had once had the thought to do.  I'm just a robot that rides
the waves. 
Who Am I? 
I'm alone, to cry, and die

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Yoda-Yaddle Song Shorts

Title: Yoda-Yaddle Song Shot

By: S. J. More

Thank You: I got this idea from ObsessiveFantasy. She has the pairing of Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz.

Characters: Yoda and Yaddle

Other: Hope you enjoy.


1. Pick a pairing you like.
2. Turn on your iPod and put it on shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish. You start when the song starts, and stop when it ends.
4. No lingering afterwards.
5. Do 10 of these and post them.

1. Katy Perry – Not Like The Movies 

“Wear this.”

 “Yoda I can’t!”

 “A princess you will be.”

 “Ridiculous this is.”

 “Younglings love your princess outfit they will.”

 Yaddle frowned. “Look like I princess do I?”

 Yoda nodded.

 “My prince will you be?”

 Yoda’s jaw dropped.

 Yaddle giggled, “A crown, need you will.”

 “Time for this, Have, not I.”

 “Yes, younglings will love it.”

 “An old prince, am I?”

 “Not in the least, come now, already are the younglings to watch the parade!”


2. Backstreet Boys – Incomplete

 Tears fell to the ground with a soft splash. Gone, she has. Lifted into the force. Alone I am. Rejoice, I must for into the force she, my strongest ally she is now. Always with me, will she be. Always in the force, she is. Dark orange curls, with soft, slightly wrinkled green skin, an orange lightsaber, pointed toes, one of my species. 

 Yoda sits and tries to meditate but can’t find his Yaddle in the force. He sighs, lifts the shades of his windows and stares out into the space of Coruscant. 


3. Ke$ha – Dinosaur

“D I N O S A U R!” Sang Yaddle listening to her music player. “Old man should be in a home.”

Yaddle skipped through the hall with thoughts of Yoda in her head. Until she bumped into a figure, he music player exploding on the floor, music playing, “D I N O S A U R, you are a dinosaur, O L D M A N hitting on me, hitting on me, what? You need a cat scan. Hey Dinosaur That’s what you are! Hey Dinosaur, you’re prehistoric.”

Yaddle stumbled to stop the player and then looked up into Yoda’s sparking eye.

“Tell me something, trying you are, young Yaddle?”


4. Ke$ha – Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

 Yaddle stood in the cell, she had been imprisoned for the last 50 years and looked up at the stars. She could remember a time when Yoda would touch her ears as youngling, and then wiggle his own. She swayed in the dark as tears rolled down her soft wrinkled cheeks. She used her mind to become strong, she would wait until the day when she would see his wiggling ears again. Like a lost friend, she’d wait patiently until the day when she was set free from this prison. She swished her lightsaber back in forth in a dance-like patterned to practice and entertain herself. She parried with the air and was the best at it.


5. Secondhand Serenade – Fall for You -->  

Yoda and Yaddle stood facing one another. Hidden messages passed through their minds. One clawed-hand out to another. One touch. One smile. One wiggle of the ears. This was it. Yaddle knew this wasn’t going to make it back from this mission, the mission to save the Chancellor. She initiated an ancient goodbye with the wizened old master who would be the only one to understand. Yoda watched as his short companion boarded the spaceship and felt the force for her pulse, her essence of life. Within moments, it was gone into space to save the life of the republic but not her life.



6. Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon – Believer --> 

Yaddle was finally back at the temple with other Jedi. She would have to learn the old ways again. She looked at the passer Byers with a mere glance for they all shielded their gazes from her, she was an ancient missing puzzle piece to them. Either that or they had mistaken her for Yoda and was not looking forward to being smacked on the shinned with his cane. Most hurried by and didn’t look back. She looked for the one green Jedi she had waited for, for years to kiss, hug, and smother with forbidden love. Finally reaching him, she just stood in his presence, with horrible thoughts going through her head.


7. Cascada – Truly Madly Deeply --> 

“Know of this deeper meaning they do not.”

 Yaddle sighed, this trip through the city wasn’t what she expected.

 They sat down for a meal of their favorite smelly meals and then traveled aboard a bus that hosted teenagers 300 years her junior. With music just like them. Loud. Dance. And nothing her older counter-part would understand. 

 “Maybe a deeper meaning, we should show them.”

Yoda’s eyes widen, “teach them the force?”

Yaddle could have slapped herself. ‘No, silly, our love, lasted this long.’ But she didn’t get that chance.


8. Sean Paul – We be Burning  --> 

Yaddle noticed that some of her students were dancing while they were using their training saber. She pulled a saber from the bin and began this dance with one of her pupils, it was a tango of shorts. The other students stopped, laughed and giggled. One little boy turned around and giggled even more. Master Yoda had come to take over the class, Master Yaddle was needed in an important meeting. He stared at the scene, too engaged to break up this little practice session. Finally when he thought it was enough, he cleared his throat, Master Yaddle stopped and looked but the youngling did not. The saber sizzled and so did her orange hair.



9. Crossfade – Colors --> 

Yaddle stood in her confinement and glared at the shadowy figure, she grinned, and forced the man to bow. “Feel this.” The man groaned. She released him. “You will never get out of here,” grunted the man, “certainly not with attitude. Clear your mind. Relax, you will be here a while.” She took his advice and cleared her mind, her friend Yoda would not want this to happen to her, and the dark side was no place for a young Jedi Knight.

 Yoda knew of Yaddle’s imprisonment but there was nothing the Jedi could do to save their counterpart until their war was over. So wait he would, hoping she’d come home the same as when she left.



10. Moonbeam – I love mornings -->

 Rolling out of bed, Yoda stumbled over the wiggling lump that laid on the floor. It giggled when he poked it with his gimer stick. “Youngling?” Yaddle popped out of the cover that was laid on the floor. “No silly, it’s me!” Yaddle was barely 50 years and still playful with the older Master. Yoda sighed, “In my chambers you should not be!” “Ahh, but the other kids were making fun of my ears.” Yoda stepped closer and touched her ears, “there is not thing wrong with your ears.” Yaddle giggled more and tried to reach up to touch his ears. But he stepped back and ushered her out of the room. “Off to breakfast with you, meet you later I will.” Yaddle frowned but then rain off to breakfast hall, humming.

 Yoda stood in his room and smiled, he liked this playful youngling, it made his mornings ever so brighter. He cleaned up the blankets, pulled the in-line shades and watched the sunrise. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises he had ever scene. The red and orange stood out in the light of the sun. It reminded him of the red haired youngling that had just left his quarters.



Author’s Note:

These were easy for me because I’m use to listening to music when I’m writing. It was difficult to just end them though. I wanted to continue and just write it longer.


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Train Rides


my train!

(This is my family’s train, #3, here we are getting her ready to run.)

If you are interested in riding, the railroad will be running on Sunday 16th and 30th.

Sunday the 16th the rides will start at nine am and end a little before noon.  Also on this day, the other railroad Bucksgahuda and Western will be running in the afternoon.


Sunday the 30th the rides will start at noon and end a little before four pm.


Directions (from Clarion):
1. Starting in CLARION, PA on MAIN ST go toward CENTER PL - go 0.3 mi
2. Turn Right on S 8TH AVE - go 0.2 mi
3. Bear Left on GREENVILLE AVE - go 0.6 mi
4. Continue on GREENVILLE PIKE - go 2.2 mi
5. Continue on PA-66 S - go 0.3 mi
6. Take ramp onto I-80 E - go 36.0 mi
7. Take exit #101/DUBOIS/PENFIELD - go 0.3 mi
8. Turn Left on PA-255 - go 28.7 mi
9. Continue on S ST MARYS ST(PA-120 E) - go 0.1 mi
10. Continue to follow PA-120 E - go 4.1 mi
11. Turn Left into the parking lot with lots of cars…you’ll be able to see the tracks, shed, and possibly trains from the  road.

Just ask if you need more landmarks for the last 7/8 steps.


Here is a video you can watch; my engine is the first one on the video-engine #3:


Here is a video of the other railroad as well:

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Watchin' Over Me

Watchin' Over Me
By: ~S. J. More~

I wasn't ready to say goodbye
and I'll probably never will (be)
but I hate to say I'll miss you
when I know that your still here

Watchin' over me
Watching over me
Some things may change
Some things may stay the same

But because I always know
You'll love me
You'll love me
I neve have to know how
much you mean to me

Cuz you've been
Watchin' over me
Watchin' over me
Wherever I may be

You've been
Watchin' over me
Watchin' over me
SJ More 1

Dark Art

Many time ago i heard your voice in the dark
i don't know why it made me think it was art
because you were gone, so far away
i can't stand the pain
that you left me here

I know what you said was true
but that doesn't make you a fool
because I fell in love with you
there were so many things
that I wish you would hear
but now I walk the lonely streets
missing you, wishing you'd speak
to me

Many time ago I heard you voice in the dark
i don't know why it made me think it was art
because you were, so far away
I can't stand the pain
that you left me here

I know what I did was wrong
It doesn't make any less of a man
because I know you have a strong heart
so strong, I know it to be true
there wasn't many things that you couldn't do
and I wish your were here with me
telling me things I wish
to hear

Many time ago I heard you voice in the dark
i don't know why it made me think it was art
because you were, so far away
I can't stand the pain
that you left me here

I know I'm the one that should be in shame
because of all the things I did to you
It doesn't mean that I don't feel any pain
but somehow I wish your could see my name
It glows and glows, the nights go on
and I'm still waiting here
alone, you see me cry
but yet I seek your arms to hold
only me

Many time ago I heard you voice in the dark
i don't know why it made me think it was art
because you were, so far away
I can't stand the pain
that you left me here

that - you - left - me - here

me here

Dark Art
By ~S. J. More~
A poem/song.
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Yoda's New Pet - fanfiction story

Yoda's New Pet

By:  S. J. More


Summary à A new alliance has been formed thanks to one Master Yoda and with this alliance they give Yoda a present to represent their gratitude to him.

Characters à Yoda, OCs

Time Zone à AU

Rated à PG (possibly G)

A/N à You can thank my cats for this story.  They are the most perfect inspiration of all!  The pictures are from other cats found on Flickr and some will be on of own cat when the Pittin grows.


Chapter 1


“Thank the Kimanans, I do but Jedi accept no gifts, take it back you will.”  Master Yoda said over the com link while boarding his spacecraft. 


“But Master Jedi, to take back their present is…is…rude!”  Stuttered the servant.


Master Yoda sighed, “Keep this present I will.  Place it in my personal chambers.”


“Yes Master Jedi.”  The servant scurried off to the Jedi Master’s quarters and left the present on the bed.


Master Yoda thanked the ruler of the Kimanan from a view screen on the bridge and his ship took off into space. 


Slowly the old wizened master wandered through the halls of the space ship to his private quarters.


He nodded at several Jedi Knights and Padawans that had been helping the planet out in it’s time of need with his hand closing the deal as he made his way.


Finally reaching his destination, about to force open the large door in front of his he heard a sound, mrrrorw that made him jump and turn around as if expecting something to attack him from behind. 


But there was no sign of any creature of sentient being in the long hallway, so he turned around and moved the heavy door with a flick of his small green hand.


He looked around his quarters for anything that was out of place and spotted the package resting softly on his neatly made bed. 


He frowned at the small package and then moved over to the middle of his chambers.  He set down his cane and crossed his legs sitting on the floor, concentrating in deep thought with his eyes lightly closed.


A disturbance forced the old master to open his eyes.  His old eyes rested on the package but nothing moved.  He frowned deeper.  Something wrong I sense but see it I cannot.


He returned to his meditating.  After a few minutes his mind was completely cleared and he was just reviewing the new alliance in his mind when he heard that noise again.  This time he jumped to his feet, calling his lightsaber to his hand and stared around his room.  He looked towards the door and stood at the ready.  He shifted his eyes to the package lying on his bed which had begun to twitch and move relentlessly.  He put his lightsaber away and moved over to his thank you present.  He looked at the card on top, reading,


“Dear Master Jedi,

            Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation.  We know you spent many months on this alliance and we deeply thank you.



The Kimanans”


He nodded and then proceeded to pull off the top of the box.  Inside sat a tiny orange fuzz ball with a long tail and pointed ears. 





It purred at him immediately and jumped up the side of the box to rub its nose against his tridactyl hand.  Yoda pulled his hand away as if he’d been burned and stared at the small creature now emitting a high motor-like noise.  He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with it.  What was it?  What does one do with it?  Should he eat it?


During the time he spent on Kimanan he had never seen a creature like this one.  While he never ate with the Kimanans, he figured that the fuzzy thing wasn’t meant to be eaten.  He only stared at it as it proceeded to jump up at the edge of its confinement.  Finally after three jumps the little animal managed to flip the box and escape onto Yoda’s bed. 


He watched the creature with wonder in his eyes.  The little thing trotted up and down the length of the small bed, stretching its claws into the slim blanket that lined the bed.  The fuzzy creature looked up at Yoda as it continued to knead the bed, making that strange motor-like sound.  After a few moments of kneading the small creature circled a few times, curling up into a small orange ball of fluff facing towards the wall rather than toward Master Yoda.


Yoda peered over at the creature…wrong something must be…he thought and moved closer to the orange ball cautiously.  His head was right above the small mass and his hand was closing in on the creature but before he could touch the creature let out a different sound, purr, a small trill as it looked up into Master Yoda’s wide eyes.  “Sleeping were you?”  He questioned.


The creature uncurled, yawned, and then rolled over stretching, facing Master Yoda.  It stood before lying down again.  The little fluff ball stood on its hind legs and bumped noses with the little green Master. 


Yoda instantly rubbed the little wetness off the end of his small noise and looked at his hand and then at the creature.  “Wet nose, you have.”  He pointed and then wiped it on his robes.


He turned, returning to meditate; eyeing the new found creature warily as it lay stretched out on the bed and eyed the old master as well.  The two found synch as one meditated and the other slept.




The spacecraft flew out of hyperspace into the busy atmosphere of Coruscant.  A few members of the Jedi Council waited for Master Yoda’s arrival as well as the other Jedi who made the Kimanan-Republic alliance possible.  They all stood waiting in hooded robes on Landing Bay 7.  An air taxi waited for their party as the approaching craft put out its landing gear.  It hovered a moment in the air and then lightly touched the ground. 


Many Jedi exited the ship before Master Yoda made his way from the craft to where the other Council members stood waiting.  In his hand, he had his cane and floating beside him, his box full of a sleeping fuzz ball.  He nodded warily at his fellow council members.  The box now had several holes cut out of it but the lid was closed tightly. 


The group of hooded men turned and walked toward the air taxi.  “Another promising alliance, no troubles I expect?”


“No problems were there, only their gift, took it I did,” he frowned and looked up at the tall black man.


Mace Windu looked at the box, “what did they give you?”


“Unsure, am I of its purpose.  Alive it is.”  Yoda said pointing towards the box.


“Ah, I’ve heard tell that they like to give people Pittins, but I didn’t think that was true until now.”


“Pittins, as in Pittin, smaller than a normal Pittin this is.”  Yoda side as he boarded the bus.  He sat the box down beside his dangling feet.


Mace sat down in the bus and shrugged his shoulders. 


The taxi took off toward the Jedi Temple and the Pittin wasn’t talked about anymore.




Finally arriving in his rooms a few hours later; he had a servant droid take the box to his room when they arrived at the temple.  He went to the box but the lid was one the floor and there was nothing in the box.  He looked all around his room but couldn’t find the small orange fuzz ball.  He was about to give up when the force told him to look up.  So he did and there up on his highest shelf of random collectibles was the orange Pittin.  Its striped tail flicked side to side as its green eyes looked down upon the old master.


Master Yoda smiled, “Smaller than me and still able to reach high places.”


The Pittin lifted its head and let out a small meow, stood, stretched and then lowered its paws to the next shelf, just like it was a ladder.  It moved down the shelves with ease and finally on the last self which was three feet from the floor it jumped down.  The Pittin then ran once around Yoda’s meditating seat and brushed its head against Yoda’s right leg, making a desperate meow sound.


Yoda laughed, “Hungry you must be, no food, have I for you here.  To the kitchens we must go.”





The Pittin quirked its head as if it understood and then ran to the door before Master Yoda had even started moving.  The Pittin sat on his hind legs and reached up to scratch the door.  “Now, now, none of that!”  Yoda snipped.


The Pittin backed down and slunk behind Yoda’s cloak as he opened the door easily.  The small creature then proceeded to crawl under Yoda’s cloak, between his feet and stood out in front. 


They both walked through the halls, it had been a long time since Yoda had to look down to a person he was walking with.  He smiled more to himself than any of the passer-byers.  The Pittin weaved back and forth in front of Master Yoda and whenever it sensed a person walking toward it; it would run back to Master Yoda and hide beside him, so that that person couldn’t see it. 


Finally after many minutes they reached the kitchens.  There was only a handful of Jedi around, so he marched right up to the high counter and cleared his throat.  The cooked leaned over the counter and smiled with toothy grin.  “Wazza can I geta for you-a?”


“Nothing for me, but for this, anything have you?”  Yoda force raised the Pittin into the air and showed the cook.


The cook eyed the Pittin with discontent but then looked around for some scrap for the small animal.


Yoda put the Pittin down next to him.  The Pittin sat for a moment and then rubbed its front paws over Yoda’s cloak, begging in a sort of way without its claws. 


Yoda chuckled, “Impatient you are.” 


The cook returned with a small teal bowl full of what looked like to be dried bits of meat.  “This shoulda tickle that little ones fancy.”


Yoda nodded, thanking the cook and taking the food to the farthest table possible.  Now there were only two Jedi left in the eatery who were too involved in a conversation to notice what Master Yoda was doing with a small bowl and a small creature that followed him. 


He was almost to the table when the Pittin stepped right underneath the small master’s feet.  Yoda tripped over the small bodied animal and the food flew into the air but didn’t fall.  Yoda managed to catch himself, somersaulting without crushing the pittin, holding the food and bowl mid-air for the force.  He grabbed the bowl as it floated down to him and then forced all the pieces of food back into the bowl.  The Pittin purred loudly next to him.  He frowned but then smiled.  The poor creature hasn’t eaten all day, allow it this once, I will.  What it would need in the future would be to have a firm hand about this kind of behavior, thinking back to his earlier apprentices.


Yoda sat the bowl down on the floor and grabbed a small piece of the Pittin’s food, trying it for himself.  He knew what it was immediately.  It was Kovikian bits.  He loved having them in fish gravy with red-skinned potatoes. 


Watching the Pittin greedily eat the food made him hungry as well, so he went other to the replicator and produced himself a bowl of Kovikian reptile soup.


They sat in silence and ate their disgusting, smelly meals.



Chapter 2

Throughout the night, Yoda woke too many different noises and sometimes wetness appearing on his rough green skin. He was not accustomed to hearing the lapping tongue of a cleaning pittin or little pitter patters through his chamber. He once woke to the pittin cleaning itself on his bed. Another time he had almost killed the poor pittin because it licked his nose and he knocked it the floor, lightsaber in hand waiting for a ferocious slobbering (beast) only to see the little pittin wide-eyed and frightened sitting on the floor next to his bed.


By morning, he was ready to throw the pittin out his door and let the little thing go on its own. He grumbled over his homemade breakfast. The little pittin rubbed his robes as he was preparing his food and just as Master Yoda was about to sit down and eat, the pittin jumped on the table and started his breakfast. Master Yoda grumbled and pulled his bowl away from the estranged creature. “Mine! Mine this is!”

 The pittin sat down on the table and stared at the Master with longing in its eyes. Master Yoda had turned away to eat and when he turned back with an empty bowl, the pittin’s eyes had grown even bigger because the bowl was empty. The pittin jumped off the table as Yoda swatted at it. “Get yours you will.” But that didn’t stop the pittin from letting out the loudest most annoying yowl, Master Yoda’s ears have ever heard.

 He spun around and looked at the little thing. How could something so small make such a racquet?   It did the noise again, and Yoda covered his ears. He knew that wouldn’t help though, he took a deep breath, remain calm, I must. No patience this thing has! He quickly made some more breakfast for the little beast, all the while it yowled.

 After a few minutes, he set down a bowl full of fresh food. The pittin stopped its crying and ran over to the bowl. Wolfing it down, Yoda put on his outer robe for the day and walked over to the door, cane in hand. He opened the door and as soon as he was about to close the door, the pittin escaped into the hall as well. “No, no, stay inside today, you will.” But the pittin only sat obediently at his feet. Yoda sighed, and forced the pittin back into the room and closed the door. 


 A tall dark Jedi walks next to a small green master floating close by.

 “A matter like this must be discussed with the chancellor. Too little of Jedi do we have left for a mission like this.” 

 Mace Windu unfolds his arms as they head down the hallway. “I agree, the chancellor must know that we do not have enough of us to control the whole front.” 

 “Hmm, another matter I have to take care of…” Master Yoda pauses.

 Mace turns to look at the old master.

 “The pittin.” 


 “A new home it needs.”

 “The younglings have many responsibilities but this could be a great duty for the younger ones, their own responsibility like a Jedi Knight has with a Padawan.”

 “Hmm, not for the padawans, but for the younger ones in the crèche, good idea that is.”


 Master Yoda explained to the younglings that this small pittin would be their responsibility; they would have to care for it, feed it, groom it, and watch over it. “Tricky this little one is,” Yoda ended his speech and set the pittin down in front of the younglings. They all cooed at the pittin and patted its fur. Yoda sneaked out the door as the pittin rubbed against the Younglings.

 Once the door closed, Yoda sighed, “A name that thing will need. Figure it out on their own, they can.”

 He wondered over to his hover chair and hopped aboard. He sped quickly through the halls in order to get to his lesson with the younglings in bear clan. His most achieved, younglings were missing their practice with the elder master. When he arrived they were practice with their practice sabers. Parrying with each other, unlike a regular lightsaber they would only cause bruising, slight burns, and welts. The younglings were particularly careful when battling so as not to hurt their friends unnecessarily. 

 Yoda looked on the scene of small battling students. Some of them seemed like little experts. He smiled and walked to the front of the teaching space. The students looked over at him, powering down their lightsabers and nodded at him when they were ready to begin the lesson for today.


 After a long day of training and meetings, the wizened master went to his chambers and sat down to meditate.  

 He sat down on his meditating stool and soaked in force but suddenly something felt out of place, he look up and over to his bed. There sat the pittin, staring right at him, its tail flickering over the edge of the bed. 

 Yoda said calmly, “Stay with the younglings you must. Home it is. Stay there!

 The pittin started to purr. 

 Yoda sighed, “Stay the night, you may but tomorrow back to the crèche you will go.”

 The pittin winked or at least that’s that it looked like to Yoda who went back to meditating.


 The purring became louder. 

 Yoda grumbled quietly and looked over at the fuzzy orange thing. “And no licking my nose tonight!”


Author’s Note:

 I guess my 2 weeks turned into a few months. Sorry about that.

 Busy…I like it during Christmas when I can just escape the world and return to my writing. :-)

 Thanks for reading!